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Nourishing your body=nourishing your family. It is a very important point but it can be SO hard to find inspiration and TIME to cook good meals. Mom guilt creeps in and it can be easy to fall into the cloud of feeling inadequate as a mom as you are unable to come up with ideas of what to food yourself and family with. You do everything you can for your family yet it is so easy to feel like not enough when you are unsure what to serve and end up serving something junky. YOU ARE WORTH the nourishment and deserve tasty meals. To support you in this and provide you with ideas for nourishing and quick meals- I’ve got you covered with my cookbook! As a mother, wife, and naturopathic medical student, proper nutrition along with using time efficiently is extremely important for me but wasn’t always easy. Between changing diapers and studying for exams, making the best decisions when it comes to food was difficult. Sometimes the sleepless nights can make reaching for a chocolate bar SUPER appealing but the sugar crash after cranks up the regret as it would leave me even more tired than before I had eaten it. I knew there had to be a better way for us mamas and the idea for this cookbook was born! Moms need to be on their peak game 24/7 (with all of the milk-producing, bum-wiping, errand-running, caring for all of the boo-boos and the list goes on…) fuelling our bodies with proper nutrition is key.

As moms, we want to provide our families with nutritious food but this can be time-consuming and knowing where to start can be daunting. MAMAS: I'VE GOT YOU!!!This cookbook takes the guesswork out of meal time and provides you with 70 DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS meals which can be made in a PINCH!

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