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Divine Mama Method

I've been there...not recognizing the irritable & exhausted woman in the mirror, not knowing where the calm, cool & confident woman I used to be pre-kids went. I've been able to get her back & now I want to help you do the same!!!

Take the next step to embodying the woman you've always dreamt of!

What you'll achieve with this protocol:

  • Boundless energy, ability to go through the day without relying on pots of coffee or begging for a nap.
  • Ultimate zen, ability to regulate and not just react when all of the kids are crying and you're trying to make dinner.
  • Unshakable confidence, ability to wear clothes you love and not just hide in baggy sweats.
  •  To be the mom you envisioned and show your kids what a self-confident, self-loving woman looks like.  


Giving everything to your family has left you burnt-out, your hormones a mess and now your patience is non-existent (hello irritability)

Energy is at an ultimate low (IV of coffee please!)

Your metabolism is shot (living in baggy clothes).

This may have you becoming the mom you never wanted to be, constantly irritable and unable to enjoy time with the kids. You're not a bad mom, you're burnt out.


This program aims to help you drop the burn out by working around these 3 pillars:

1.Nourish the mama- this part teaches you how, when and what to eat because if you’re not nourishing your body properly then inflammation tends to be high, hormones are thrown off & energy & mood go down the drain. Providing your body with the proper nutrients so it can function optimally will help you regain that energy. Balancing your blood sugar is also key as if it is a rollercoaster of highs & lows then your mood & energy will follow suit. 


2. Calm the overwhelm-this part consists of stress management techniques to help you take control of your stress & cortisol levels as these directly affect our energy levels & irritability levels. I help you go from being a tornado of overwhelm to walking around in a bubble of calm despite the chaos ensuing around you (I can't stop the kiddos from screaming while you burn dinner but I can teach you how to perceive & handle this situation better so it doesn't affect you negatively). 


3. Revive your confidence- this part of the program teaches you how to identify & take your negative self talk/limiting beliefs and reframe them to have your mind working FOR you not AGAINST you. When we only approach health from simply “eating well” we completely miss the psychological component which is actually The driving force of change and why I love this pillar.


What you get:


LIFETIME access to membership site that has everything video recorded as well as written out to accommodate all learning styles, plus work sheets to help you grasp the concepts. You will also get all updated future content & bonuses. As I learn more & evolve, as does the program and you get access TO. IT. ALL.

Access to the high vibe Divine Mama Method FB Community. Full of other mamas on their journey to more energy & calm.

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