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I am a mother, doctor, and your go-to person for health advice. I am extremely passionate about women's health with a special interest in maternal health (pregnancy and beyond as a mother).  I believe that every woman should have a health expert to confidently turn to with any issue and receive unlimited support (because let's face it- being a woman and/or mother is HARD) and I am that person. My goals are to identify the root cause of your ailment, utilize multiple modalities including (but not limited to): acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutrition and nutraceuticals to help you achieve optimal wellness, teach you life-long strategies for maintaining your health and help you get through any bumps along the road whether its a cold, PMS, period issues, eczema, or anxiety. Send me an email, or message me on my fb page Dr. Jenna Priestap ND and let's connect!

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